What is Pipe Fitting ?

Pipe fittings may also be used to form a hermetic seal at pipe ends and for other auxiliary functions. Fittings are manufactured in various shapes, depending on the intended purpose.Right-angle elbow fittings provide for a 90° change of direction, tees provide for branching in one direction, and double tees,or crosses, make it possible to branch […]

What is ball check Valve?

A ball check valve is a simple and reliable valve with the only moving part to block the reverse flow, is a spherical ball. The full-ported valve seat is uniquely designed allowing the ball to seat leak-tight without getting wedge into the valve seat. For vacuum or anti-flooding valve application a “floating” rather than “sinking” […]

A.1 Jordan manufacture | Gunmetal Straps and Ferrules

A.1 Jordan manufacture’s range of Self Tapping Ferrule Straps, Swivel Ferrules and Flat Boss Straps can be used to connect PE, copper and threaded pipes to almost any type and size of mains pipe material from 1″ (32mm) in diameter. Straps are available up to 10″ (250mm) in diameter as standard with larger sizes available […]