Our Mission

To change the way how people live, Forever.

ABOUT A.1 Jordan

A.1 Jordan global leader in the design and manufacture of water fittings, is proud to release the most innovative and revolutionary product of its kind. A.1 Jordan issue the new generation for :

– PE,DI,GRE,AC & PVC Pipe Fittings

– Gunmetal Water Fittings

– Galvanized Fittings

– Pp compression

– Valves

The culmination of years of exhaustive research and development, utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and starting testing, this range of premium products represents A.1 Jordan most exciting generation of water fittings.

Incorporating cutting edge technology, A.1 Jordan water fittings are easy to use and provide high quality performance across the range. Importantly, the fittings have been manufactured from high performance, advanced bronze & thermoplastic materials so they are resistant to corrosion and nave the strength and durability to provide a 20+ year service life. With the water fittings range, A.1 Jordan has created a common platform of fittings for all water pipe applications in the world. And the range is fully approved for potable water, meeting ISO, WRAS, ASTM and BS standards.

Meet The Team

Every day, our team is innovating and creating new ways to make the world a more active place. Take a look behind the scenes and get to know us!

faisal saimeh

Faisal Saimeh | CEO

Faisal Has more than 10 years in water and waste water industry, He thoroughly enjoys developing business. Always up for a challenge, Faisal isn’t afraid to dive into new projects or hobbies.

Mohammad Nofal GM A1 Jordan

Mohammad Nofal | GM

Mohammed has +20 years of experience in market. He is obsessed in making new business mixed with friendly relationships, Mohammed is the company inspirational man in living every moment of joyful in working hours.

Mahmoud Nofal A1 Jordan

Mahmoud Nofal | Operations Manager

Mahmood is the ultimate team player, he is unselfish and willing to help wherever he is needed. He consistently puts himself ahead of the team and embodies servant leadership. We are fortunate to have him as a peer at A.1 Jordan

Nabeel Nofal A1 Jordan

Nabeel Nofal | Quality Assurance

Nabeel; our secret weapon who has an eye to see hidden details. An experienced Quality Manager to ensure that our products and services meet all necessary requirements before they reach the consumer.

Amer Saimeh A1 Jordan

Amer Saimeh | Product Manager

Amer started working at A.1 Jordan in 2016 out of his love for finding new challenges in this field. He loves new experiences, and more than that, sharing those experiences/stories with his close friends. He loves entertaining and making people laugh. The people that know Amer best describe her as “snarky and unabashedly unique”.

Omran Saimeh A1 Jordan

Omran Saimeh | Product Manager

Omran; the many tasks man, he can do everything in a time record. A team player where you can find him every time you need him. Beside his role as a manager, he is a talented marketer ​Omran has a bachelor degree in civil eng.